My Plant Based Bag

Seasonally inspired plant based recipes using vegan ingredients


Feeds 4 adults

Weekly price

$10.62/ Per Plate

Bag Overview

  • Seasonally-inspired vegan recipes that make the best of NZ’s fresh produce
  • Perfect for those who follow a vegan diet or just want to eat more plants
  • Bespoke ingredients and a variety of vegan protein choices to add pizzazz to your plate
  • Average cook time: 35 mins
  • Note this bag is not gluten free
My Plant Based Bag

Upcoming Recipes

Sunday 12 Apr
Sunday 19 Apr

Delivery & Packaging

  • We deliver the goodness to your door for free on Sunday or Monday
  • Don’t worry if you’re not home, our insulated boxes will keep things chilly!
  • Packaged in in a kerbside recyclable box

Flexible Plans

  • After your first week, cancel or skip weeks to suit
  • Change Bags or add Extras before midnight Monday for your next delivery
  • Manage your account online or with our mobile app

What's in the box

  • Balanced, nutritious recipes
  • A variety of plant-based proteins
  • Local and seasonal produce
  • Simple step-by-step recipe instructions

Our happy foodies


4.69 Average

1606 Reviews


My Classic (4 Nights For 2)

Yummy food, great flavours. Quick delivery. Easy to follow instructions. Less stress for me Love it THANK YOU

33 seconds ago


My Classic (4 Nights For 2)

My Food Bag has been a great way to try out new meal options that we normally wouldn't try at home. We have also picked up new cooking techniques that are fool-proof. We find that there is less stress having nutritional meals ready to fix after a long day at work. The Classic plan for 2 is perfect for us!

6 days ago


Fresh Start (5 Nights For 2)

We have had my food bag for about 5 months and it’s fantastic!! We are eating more veggies than even I was making before. You guys have very satisfying low calorie/low carb and well thought out recipes. We really enjoy the variety of just having new dishes to make. We’ve done keto a lot in our lives and it feels really good to change that up to healthy carbs and get more in our diet. We also love the flavor pallet and eating smaller portions with the box for 2 per week. By proxy it’s heroism to da day less meat and cook even more at home, which we already were doing but this is better with not as much big meal cooking (I have a big family so I’m use to cooking lots for leftovers) we love the new ingredients we’re working with and I especially love all the fresh ginger and garlic. If I have any complaints at all is that we are not a fan of raw purple onions or any onions for that matter but I have altered recipes to adding a few more minutes to sautéed and cook them instead, if they didn’t specify it already. Cooked onions have a better flavor to us in dishes. I also tend to double some of the salt, seasoning or add a little of my own spices where it says lightly season some recipes. I would also say some of the topping and dressing packs or sauces you put on at the end could be doubled in amount as sometimes the salad mixed dishes could use just a bit more dressing. Thank you so very much for the excellent standard of your boxes, the food had never been any less than excellent, fresh ingredients are always at their peak and excellent packaging and delivery service. We love the text notifications and how well packed the boxes are with ice packs and how clean and organized it is. We are so very grateful for your services in this difficult time and are glad to keep to a healthy way of eating while being in lock down. Thank you so much! Love & light to and your company (I’m a massage therapist 😉 Cheers Heather & Joe Howes

6 days ago


My Classic (4 Nights For 2)

Great product , my only comment is on occasion I have received ingredients that have not been so fresh ie one week our fish was not very fresh and , garlic Which has dried up but over all enjoy the new ideas for meals highly recommend.

6 days ago