Changes Implemented:

Measures are being taken at our Manufacturing Facilities (including Food Bag assembly plants and MADE production kitchens) to ensure staff are practising social distancing.

  • Ministry of Health posters are clearly displayed on notice boards and sites have been reconfigured to ensure the appropriate social distancing required.

  • All staff are provided PPE when they arrive on site.

  • Shift patterns have been adjusted to create time between shift start times. This also allows us to significantly limit crossover between the shifts during breaks and end times.

  • Single site requirements are in place to ensure staff are not moving between sites unless essential. Nearly all non-operational staff are working from home.

Changes Implemented

Maintaining our strong hygiene focus

  • All of our sites follow existing food safety protocols and a strong focus on cleanliness and hygiene. We’ve invested in additional health and safety measures and cleaning equipment including hand sanitisers; gloves and hair nets for all staff.

Ensuring a healthy workforce

  • We have commenced temperature checking of staff before their shifts and are ensuring any staff who are un-well to stay home, as well as immediately sending any staff home who show signs of illness.

Food Safety and your My Food Bag delivery

At My Food Bag, we’ve proud to hear that our service has helped people enjoy delicious, healthy, home-cooked food while avoiding the supermarkets through contactless delivery straight to your door.

In the last few weeks we have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of our team, and the products that we produce.

For peace of mind here are some additional steps we recommend when handling your delivery:

  • Wash your hands before opening the boxes
  • Rinse off fresh produce with clean water – soap is not necessary
  • Wipe down packaged goods with a soapy clean towel, then dry
  • Wash your hands after emptying the box and putting away the contents