Changes Implemented:

Measures are being taken at our Manufacturing Facilities (including Food Bag assembly plants and MADE production kitchens) to ensure staff are practising social distancing.

  • Ministry of Health posters are clearly displayed on notice boards and entrances/exits to encourage employees to adopt social distancing practises.

  • Shift patterns have been adjusted to facilitate reduced staff numbers and to create an additional 1 hour between shifts. This allows us to ensure the last shift leaves before the new shift arrives limiting cross over.

  • Single site requirements are in place to ensure staff are not moving between sites unless essential. Work from home trials are underway for non-operational staff.

Changes Implemented

Maintaining our strong hygiene focus

  • All of our sites have existing Food Control Plans and a strong focus on cleanliness and hygiene. We’ve invested in additional health and safety measures and cleaning equipment including hand sanitisers; disinfectant spray bottles and cloths on every forklift and jiffy; gloves and hair nets for all staff.

Ensuring a healthy workforce

  • We have commenced temperature checking of staff before their shifts and are ensuring any staff who are un-well to stay home, as well as immediately sending any staff home who show signs of illness.