One-Off Baking Box
Available as an add on to your food bag

My Christmas Baking Box

Why wait until Christmas day? Bring forward the magic and wonder of Christmas with our scrumptious baking box.


What do you get?

We've got all the best treats hidden away in this box of delicious delights. Perfect for a cheeky holiday treat or a delicious and easy gift. You also won't believe how unbelieavably easy it is to whip them up. You'll be devouring these delights in no time. The Baking Box includes ingredients to make:
  • Christmas Rocky Road
  • Lamington Yule Log
  • Gingerdoodle Cookies
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Slice
  • Instruction Cookbook

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my extra?

Your extra will be delivered with your next food bag delivery and you will be charged for the extra at the same time as your regular bag.

Can I order more than one?

You sure can! You can add more than one to a single order and store one for use later or add one on to more than one delivery over a few weeks. There is nothing in the box which needs to be kept chilled so you can put it away for a rainy day once you receive the goodness. They also make a great gift!

Can the Baking Box goodies be made Gluten Free?

Our My Christmas Baking Box does contain gluten. As we provide most of the mixes pre-made you won't be able to substitute out the gluten items for gluten-free alternatives.

Can the Baking Box be made Dairy Free or Vegan Friendly?

Cream, dairy and chocolate do feature frequently across the menu items. While some of these items can be substituted partially, most of the recipes do require a level of a dairy product. The baking box is entirely vegetarian with the exception of the marshmallows.

Can I add a My Christmas Baking Box on to my Christmas order?

Our My Christmas Baking Box can only be ordered alongside a regular My Food Bag delivery. If you want to cook these delicious delights over Christmas don't worry, pop one on to an upcoming order and store the mixes away. Our marvelous mixes have a long shelf life and will be just as delicious over Christmas.

What Pantry Staples do I need for My Baking Box?

You will need a few pantry staples to bring these delights to the table. Make sure to have butter (305g), eggs (6), oil (1 tbs) and milk (2 tbs) handy.