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My Plant Based Cake Box

A decadent & delicious vegan friendly cake from Melie's Kitchen to wow your family and friends this World Vegetarian Awareness Month!


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What's in this delicious box?

All the ingredients & instructions to make your very own, 4 layer, Vegan-Friendly, Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake with Salted Caramel Ganache. This box of deliciousness includes:
  • All the baking mixes pre-made and ready to go
  • Whittakers Dark Chocolate
  • Dried Raspberries & Peanut decorations
  • A handy, step by step, guide to help you get that perfect cake

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to make the cake?

Our wonderful Plant-Based chef is an expert in cakes, but she's also an expert in teaching you how to make cakes. We've made this masterpiece super simple, you'll be sure to wow all your friends! We'll also provide step by step video guides and top tips from Melie herself to help you through. Check out her other divine looking cakes at Melie's Kitchen.

Does the recipe contain any nut based allergens?

Yes, peanuts are a main ingredient in the cake. Coconut oil and coconut sugar are also used in the recipe.

What pantry staples will I need for my cake?

We provide all of the heavy lifting but you will need some pantry staples. Make sure to have your preference of butter, white vinegar, milk or milk substitute and butter handy.

Can this cake be prepared gluten or dairy free?

The Plant-Based Cake mixes contain flour and were packed in environments containing gluten. As the mixes are pre-made the cake can't be made gluten-free. The cake is completely vegan-friendly however, and is dairy lite!

Do I need to use dairy-free substitutes?

Melie has made sure that this delicious recipe is also super dynamic! Feel free to use your choice of dairy-free substitutes, however, if you'd prefer to use full dairy products the cake will be just as delicious!

When will I receive my extra?

Your extra will be delivered with your next food bag delivery and you will be charged for the extra at the same time as your regular bag.