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Local, sustainable, and wildly delicious

We have partnered with local wild game suppliers WithWild and Premium Game to create four wildly delicious recipes this July. From a flavoursome Venison Bolognese, to tender Seared Venison Steaks, a fragrant Goat Curry, and Venison Pepperoni Pizza, join us as we show you how delicious wild meat can be! Are you game enough?


On a mission to create valued products from wasted wild ingredients

WithWild are a group of passionate individuals who love good food, the outdoors and the opportunities that New Zealand’s wild spaces can provide to hunter/gatherers. They firmly believe that better outcomes can be achieved through working together and approaching challenges from a different perspective.

That’s why we give back money directly to the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation to continue the stellar work they undertake in Fiordland National Park to help our native flora and fauna.

Our mission is to create more sustainable models that change the perception around pest control in New Zealand, and aid in preserving our unique flora and fauna for future generations

Premium Game

Born from a shared desire to protect New Zealand’s natural habitats

Family owned and operated in the stunning Marlborough region; Premium Game has earned a reputation as New Zealand’s leading supplier of wild game meat which has been harvested and processed in the most natural way.

Delivering ‘peak to plate’ food experiences that show respect to the animals they harvest by treating them as a valuable and healthy food resource. Every animal harvested has lived a wildlife in the truest sense. They are as nature intended, 100% free from hormones and antibiotics, resulting in a high-quality protein that is naturally tender, lean, healthy, and superior tasting.

“We are a team of passionate hunter-gatherers who believe the purest foods in the world are foraged from the wild”

Our Wild Recipe Collection

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15-Minute Wild Venison & Gnocchi Bolognese

with Garlic Cream & Parmesan

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Seared Wild Venison Steaks

with Smoky Potato Mash & Watercress

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Slow Cooker Malaysian Wild Goat Curry

with Steamed Rice & Roti

Wild Extras

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Honey Roasted Crickets

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Protein Cricket Pasta

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Truffle Mascarpone Cricket Pasta Kit

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Venison Pepperoni Salami

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Truffle Toastie Kit

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Lemon & Coconut Loaf Kit


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Feeds 4 adults or 2 adults & 2 teens

$219.99 per week

$11.00 per plate

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Sunday 17 Dec