My Back-Up Food Bag

Serves 2 for 7 Days

Ingredients to make 7 basic breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for 2 adults with items such as oats, baked beans, canned soup, canned veggies & legumes, pasta, rice & baking basics. Plus, recipes using only these ingredients - no pantry staples.


What do you get?

  • Breakfast ingredients including oats, canned fruit, long life milk, baked beans and baking ingredients to make toasted muesli, porridge and beans on homemade flatbread
  • Lunch and dinner ingredients including canned soup, canned legumes and vegetables, grains, pasta, rice and spice mixes to make a variety of recipes including corn fritters, fried rice, lentil bolognese, coconut dahl, curries and stews
  • Plus a few snacks including chocolate and popcorn
Use the ingredients to stock the pantry – or follow our menu plan to keep you fed for a week!
My Back-Up Food Bag