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Don't like fish or pork? Choose your protein preferences and you can swap up to 2 recipes weekly.

Swap to Suit

Check back weekly to see the meals you can swap or just "set & forget" and we'll choose the meals to suit your family.

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We'll deliver your tailored order to your door for just $5 extra per delivery. Happy tummies, happy family.

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Discover our range of Swap to Suit options
Group 2 Copy

Food Bag

Family dinners designed to please young children and fussy eaters. Not too spicy or adventurous.

Serves 2 adults & 2-3 kids or 3 person families
Recipes per week 5
Weekly price $169.99
Swap to Suit $5 extra per delivery

Select Family Bag
Group 2 Copy

Food Bag

Classic recipes for the family with a twist. Swap to Suit only available in 5 night bag. No pork in 3 night bag.

Serves 2 adults & 2 teens
Recipes per week 3 or 5
Weekly price from $142.99
Swap to Suit $5 extra per delivery
(Only available on 5 night bag)

Select Classic Bag
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Classic For 2
Food Bag

Classic cuisine for two with a Nadia twist, with the ability to choose meals & set preferences with Swap To Suit.

Serves 2 adults
Recipes per week 4
Weekly price from $99.99
Swap to Suit $5 extra per delivery

Select Classic For 2 Bag

It's Simple

Once you've ordered you'll see the green "Swap Meal" button under any recipes you can swap in your account. Click the swap button to see the tasty alternative.

You can check back weekly to see the meals you can swap or just "set & forget" and leave the hard work to us.


What is the charge for Swap to Suit?

Swap to Suit is an upgrade to your subscription that costs $5 per week. This upgrade allows you to set and forget your protein preferences and swap up to two recipes each week if you choose.

What is Swap to Suit?

Swap to Suit is a personalised service that enables you to swap meals to suit your family's tastes and preferences. This means that on our Family, Classic 5 Night and Classic For Two bags you now exclude certain proteins and swap up to 2 meals per week.

With Swap to Suit, which proteins can I exclude?

You can choose to omit White Fish, Salmon, Vegetarian and “Pork Primal” from your deliveries. Pork primal includes 100% pork cuts like pork rump and pork mince, but you may still receive sausages and grinds that contain pork and you may also receive bacon. We have tried to offer the greatest amount of flexibility possible, and the proteins we have chosen are based on customer feedback and recipe ratings that have helped us understand which proteins are the least and most popular. We’ll make every effort to exclude the proteins you select, however, from time to time, we may supply excluded proteins as a result of product quality or stock availability.