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Healthy has never tasted so good. Nadia and our team create mouth-watering new recipes every week.

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450 calories or less per serve, lean protein, loads of vegetables and lower in gluten and dairy.

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Our Fresh Start Meals
  • 450 Calories

    All of our meals are perfectly portioned at 450 calories or less

  • Reduced carbohydrates

    Every plate contains un-processed carbs and wholegrains

  • Refined sugar-free

    We don't use processed sugar in any of our ingredients or sauces

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Achieving your goals

Our team of experts ensure all the calories in your Fresh Start meals are carefully controlled. Achieving a weight goal has never been easier, with delicious food to help you get there!

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Under 450 calories per plate.

Get Moving

Filling your spare moments with physical activity and casual exercise is an easy, enjoyable way to get in shape and feel great. It’s even better with friends! Need ideas? We’ve got you covered.

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Healthy meals loaded with fresh produce.

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We’re here to support your journey. Check out our Fresh Start Blog for weekly tips and tricks, extra recipes or join our social community. If you’ve got a specific nutrition question, ask our team of experts.

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Other Meal Ideas
Outside of Fresh Start

Create a weekly menu to meet your nutritional needs with our Meal Planner. The ingredients for these recipes aren't included in your weekly Fresh Start box.


Don't skip breakfast - a good breakfast will set you on a good path for the day. All of our breakfast recipes are less than 350 calories.


To save time, cooking an extra portion at dinner to have for lunch the next day is a great option. All our lunch recipes are less than 450 calories.


Snacks are great if you need more calories in your daily diet or you're doing more exercise. All our snack recipes are less than 150 calories.

Asked Questions

Fresh Start with Nadia is designed to assist with weight loss when incorporated as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. As such, individual weight loss results may vary. Read our full Terms & Conditions here.

To achieve weight loss, we recommend 1,200 – 1,500 calories per day for women and 1,500 – 1,800 calories per day for men. Each of our Fresh Start meals is 450 calories or less, meaning that our meals provide approximately 35% of your daily required calorie intake.
We do the hard work to make sure your meals are perfectly portioned and taste incredible. All you need to do is cook and enjoy! Sticking to the Fresh Start programme for 12 weeks is key to ensuring you see weight loss results - but the meals are so delicious, we're sure you'll want to keep going!
Each week there are a few basic ingredients you’ll need to source yourself, we call these our Pantry Staples. Sometimes there can be hidden ingredients in these items such as refined sugar, so be sure to keep an eye on the ingredient lists of the pantry staples that you choose.
Our meals all have reduced carbohydrates and focus on minimally processed carbs like kumara and brown rice.
The best rate of weight loss is 0.5 – 1kg per week. The specific amount of weight that you lose weight loss is unique to each person, and you may find that you lose a bit more or less than that. This can be dependent on your starting body composition.
Our meals are free of refined sugar. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure no refined sugar makes its way into any of our sauces and/or ingredients.
If you wish to eat a Gluten Free diet, you will find that the Fresh Start meals can be adapted easily to suit your choice. Meals that are low in gluten are marked "Gluten Lite" and we’ll let you know what you need to omit or swap to make the meal free of gluten.
We recommend a balanced diet, as that is what is more likely to be sustainable for you in the long term. If you want to follow a Paleo diet, you'll find your Fresh Start meals can be adapted easily as they are full of fresh veggies and lean meats.
It's Woolcool! Woolcool is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material that is made out of sheep’s wool. Be sure to leave your Woolcool out for your delivery driver to collect when you get your next Fresh Start box and we’ll recycle it. Nice!

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