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with the Fresh Start Programme*

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Every week, we'll provide you with all the recipes and ingredients for healthy, mouth-watering meals.

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Our Fresh Start Meals
  • 450 Calories

    All of our meals are perfectly portioned at 450 calories or less

  • Reduced carbohydrates

    Every plate contains un-processed carbs and wholegrains

  • Refined sugar-free

    We don't use processed sugar in any of our ingredients or sauces

A fresh approach
to weight loss

Achieve your goals with Fresh Start The Programme

For extra support and weekly tips and tricks from our team of nutritional experts, plus incentives along the way, join our 12 week programme. We’ll provide all the info and motivation you need to reach your health goals!

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Under 450 calories per plate.

Proven Success

Join the thousands of Kiwis enjoying their Fresh Start results with and lose 6.5kg in 12 weeks!* Learn to cook delicious food and make a positive and sustainable improvement to your lifestyle. With portion sizes that satisfy men and women, the whole family can feel the Fresh Start benefits.

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Healthy meals loaded with fresh produce.
Some of our latest
Fresh Start meals
Choose Your
Fresh Start Box
Fresh Start <strong>Lite 5</strong>

Fresh Start Lite 5

4 recipes per week for 1 person. 1 of these recipes serves 2.

5 (1 meal feeds 2)
Weekly price
Select Lite 5
Fresh Start <strong>Lite 10</strong>

Fresh Start Lite 10

5 dinners for 2 people, or for 1 person with leftovers for lunch.

10 (2 per recipe)
Weekly price
Select Lite 10
Fresh Start <strong>Lite 20</strong>

Fresh Start Lite 20

5 dinners for 4 people, or for 2 people with leftovers for lunch.

20 (4 per recipe)
Weekly price
Select Lite 20
Other Meal Ideas
Outside of Fresh Start

Create a weekly menu to meet your nutritional needs with our Meal Planner. The ingredients for these recipes aren't included in your weekly Fresh Start box.


Don't skip breakfast - a good breakfast will set you on a good path for the day. All of our breakfast recipes are less than 350 calories.


To save time, cooking an extra portion at dinner to have for lunch the next day is a great option. All our lunch recipes are less than 450 calories.


Snacks are great if you need more calories in your daily diet or you're doing more exercise. All our snack recipes are less than 150 calories.

Asked Questions

Fresh Start with Nadia is designed to assist with weight loss when incorporated as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

* Losing 6.5kg in 12 weeks is based off the average weight loss of responses from Fresh Start customers who purchased Fresh Start over 10-12 weeks, whose goal was to lose weight and who were successful in that goal between 11th Feb 2018 to 29th Apr 2018 and 1st Oct 2017 to 8th Dec 2017.

Individual results may vary. Read our full Terms & Conditions here.

What ingredients will I need to buy myself?
How many calories should I be eating?
What is the Fresh Start Programme?
How long will it take for me to lose weight?
Are your meals low sugar?
Are your meals low carb?
How much weight can I lose?
Should I eat a Paleo diet?
Should I eat a Gluten-Free diet?

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