Rocket Pesto Crusted Beef with Pea Salad and Béarnaise

Rocket Pesto Crusted Beef with Pea Salad and Béarnaise

Ready in 20 minutes Serves 2
This dish most recently appeared in Ready in 20 (3 Nights For 2) on Sunday, February 24, 2019.



  • 1 pack beef sirloin steaks
  • 1 pack rocket and walnut pesto
  • 1 pack panko breadcrumbs


  • 1 pack frozen peas
  • 1 baby cos lettuce, chopped
  • 1 pack cherry tomatoes, cut in half

To Serve

  • Béarnaise sauce

From the Pantry

  • Oil
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Sear beef & mix pesto Heat a drizzle of oil in an oven-proof fry-pan on high heat. Pat beef dry, season and sear for 1-2 minutes each side. Mix pesto, breadcrumbs and a drizzle of oil together in a bowl. Season.
  2. Bake beef Remove pan from heat and sprinkle pesto mixture over beef (still in pan), pushing down to coat. Place pan in oven (on middle-upper oven rack) and grill for 2-3 minutes, for medium (depending on thickness), or until cooked to your liking and crumb is golden. Rest, uncovered.
  3. Meanwhile, cook peas and prep salad Cook peas in pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes then drain and rinse under cold tap. Roughly chop lettuce and cut tomatoes in half (or leave whole to save time) and place in a bowl with peas. Toss with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar and season.
  4. To finish, slice beef thickly and serve with salad. Top with Béarnaise.

Nutritional Information

Energy 2623 kj
627 kcal
Protein 45.6g
Carbohydrate 21.4g
Fat 42.5g