Morgan Penn: A Holistic Approach to Sexology Through Diet

Morgan Penn, NZ's leading somatic sexologist stands with hand on hip in blue satin dress.

Morgan is NZ’s leading Somatic Sexologist. Her background is in media, life coaching, embodied counseling and Sexology. She works with individuals and couples to reconnect and enhance their sex life. Fun and funny but with a serious message, she is passionate about breaking taboos around sex, bodies and pleasure.

We caught up with Morgan for Valentines Day to chat about how what we eat can affect how we feel sexually, adding to our desire and libido. Read more below and check out Season two of Morgan & Hayley’s podcast – Sex.Life out now on ZM.

“Libido or as I like to describe it, desire, can be elusive. It’s not a constant. It’s a force in our body that waxes and wanes, due to many factors beyond our conscious control or understanding. But there are some layers to it that we can control and change that can have a direct impact on sexual wellbeing.

Because libido is often reflective of one’s overall health and energy, our lifestyle offers plenty of oppor­tunities to keep things turned on. It’s about giving the body what it needs to ­function optimally. The quality of our diet is a key piece of the puzzle.

There are certain foods that may help to boost sexual function, whether that’s by improving blood flow (which can impact on blood flow to the genitals) or affecting hormone levels. Blood flow is really important to cultivate desire in the body. Better circulation can lead to an improved sexual response in both men and women. This includes the erectile response. Certain foods like nuts, seeds, oily fish and whole grains have been shown to improve our heart health which is also vital for stamina (all key ingredients in Fresh Start’s Mediterranean Menu!)

Low libido, or decreased desire, can have multiple causes, including hormonal imbalances, stress, fatigue, and psychological factors. Certain medications and various health conditions may also dial down your libido and it’s important to check in with your health professional if you think this may be the case. Eating an overall balanced diet with plenty of whole nutrient-dense foods can support many areas of our health that are likely to have a knock-on effect for our sexual health. This may include boosting your mood, improving hormonal health, energy levels and vitality necessary for a healthy sex drive, arousal and pleasure.

So, if there’s one piece of advice I can give you for Valentine’s Day it would be to take care of your body, be conscious of what you are putting in it.

If you’re eating things that make you bloated or constipated you won’t feel sexy, it won’t inspire you to build desire. If you’re feeling lethargic, you’d rather be sleeping than sexually relating. Good sex needs presence and awareness and you need energy for that!”

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