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Toni Street is a busy mum of three and radio host extraordinaire. Coaching netball teams, starting work at 5am and raising children takes up a lot of time, leaving not much time for herself! Toni relies on routine to keep her on track and feeling healthy – not to mention quick meals for the whole family!

What makes you feel your best? 

Being healthy with my eating definitely helps me feel better because it flows on to sleep, and it flows on to how you’re able to exercise.

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What healthy habits are you taking up in 2024 and why?

 One of the big changes that I’ve made this year is planning what I’m going to eat. I find if I go into the day winging it, the winging it often leads to poor decisions. I’m actually quite formulaic. I like to have the same breakfast, the same lunch with a couple of variations and then with Fresh Start by My Food Bag and the evenings, I know that I’m getting around 450 calories, there’s no surprises and it’s just what I can expect every night. 

What do you love about Fresh Start?

What  I  like  about  Fresh  Start  is  that  it  is  all  controlled, so  I  know  exactly  how  many  calories  I’m  getting,  you  get  the  diversity  of  plants  which  I’m  not  very  good  with  my  veggies  when  it  comes  to  putting  them  into  meals  and  I  like  that  it  doesn’t  taste  like  like  it’s  a  controlled  calorie  option. It  doesn’t  feel  like  I’m  deprived. 

How do you find balance in the chaos? 

I find balance through routine.  If I don’t have a plan then I feel overwhelmed, and everything gets out of control. My kids are really sporty and they’re into theatre and my work can be crazy as well.  80% of the time I’ve got a good routine and I’m eating what I should be then you know that’s I’m halfway there.

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