Saver Flavour: Free e-cookbook for eating well on a budget

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Over our 10 years of developing recipes at My Food Bag, our chefs have learnt a trick or two about making delicious recipes that the whole family love.

And along the way we’ve figured out how to deliver the best value to our customers with the use of in-season veggies, clever flavour combinations and fail-safe cooking methods. 

Our meal kits offer great value and convenience to our customers, but we understand that in the current cost of living crisis, there’s plenty of demand for even cheaper solutions.

Nadia Lim and the Bargain Box by My Food Bag team were determined that all Kiwis should have access to our knowledge and recipe ideas, so that we can all eat better, more nutritious food without spending more every week. And so we have developed this resource, Saver Flavour, which is free to download, to help Kiwis eat better on a budget.

Recently, consumer advocate @thecontraversialkiwi tested Bargain Box with rave reviews. He is also a dad, home cook and an advocate for families eating well on a budget! We were pleased he found Bargain Box so great for his family, so we asked if he wanted to come on board and create some recipes for this e-cookbook. 

Inside this book you’ll find 20+ dinners for 4 that should cost you less than $20 to create, as well as budget-friendly snack and treat ideas. Plus, we’ve included plenty of hacks to make your grocery spending go further (and taste better!).

Download the FREE e-cookbook here, and enjoy delicious dinners that are packed with goodness – for less!

About the authors

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As co-founder of My Food Bag, cook and mum of 3, Nadia is passionate about feeding her growing family through clever use of ingredients, growing her own seasonal produce, and, reducing waste. Nadia wants to share this education, showing a nutritious, delicious meal can be affordable.

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Our team of Bargain Box chefs have learnt a thing or two about how to create delicious recipes that not only pack in the flavour, but also deliver great value, too. You’ll see this reflected throughout the book, with plenty of clever flavour combinations and tips on how to eat well for less.

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Consumer advocate and TikTok influencer The Contraversial Kiwi is a dad, home cook, and advocate for families eating well on a budget. Throughout this book you’ll find a few of his go-to affordable and tasty recipes to feed a crowd, plus a whole lot of tips & tricks ‘Contraversial Style’.

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