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Heat and Eat
Make a busy evening delicious with our Heat & Eat meals
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Just heat and enjoy

  • Freshly made
  • Nutritious fresh ingredients
  • Free farmed NZ beef & lamb
  • Serves approx. 4 adults
  • Give yourself a night off!

    You can now add delicious heat and eat meals to your subscription. Add either a weekly Chicken or Beef/Lamb meal to your regular Food Bag order. Recipes change each week.
    $39.99 NZD per delivery
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    Heat and Eat

    Featured Recipes


    Lemon Mustard Chicken

    Our creamy Lemon Mustard Chicken is topped with buttery parsley potatoes this quick meal is a delicious & comforting winter warmer. Contains milk & sulphites. Delivering July 29th.


    Harissa Baked Meatballs

    Our delicious Harissa Baked Meatballs will be a family favourite, topped with creamy melted cheese and served on a bed of couscous. Contains milk, gluten & soy. Delivering July 29th.

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