Nadia’s Homemade Yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt is surprisingly easy! All you need are 3 ingredients – full fat milk, some leftover yoghurt, and… time!

It might seem like a little bit of a faff, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it hard to go back. I like to get it ready in the evening, and it’s ready to enjoy the next morning for breakfast. Enjoy!

Make-your-own Yoghurt


  • 900 ml full fat milk
  • ¼ cup plain yoghurt – make sure it has live cultures – we used The Collective Straight Up yoghurt


    Heat milk in a medium pot on low heat for 7-10 mins, until a skin slightly forms on the surface. It should be about 85°C – do not let it boil.
    Remove pot from heat and allow to cool until it is lukewarm to touch and it has stopped steaming, about 40°C.
    Place yoghurt in a 1-litre container, add half the warm milk and shake to combine. Add remaining warm milk and shake gently.
    Wrap up in a tea towel and keep in a warm location for 12 hrs or overnight. This could be on top of your fridge / dryer, in your hot water cupboard or a sunny spot.
  • EAT IT
    Once the yoghurt has fermented overnight, move it to the fridge to cool and firm up a bit before eating. Then, keep stored in the fridge and consume within5 days.
  • Enjoy with muesli and fruit for breakfast, or use to add creaminess to curries, make a savoury dip or swirl through a dollop of jam for a delicious dessert.

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