Our Packaging

We continuously review and improve our packaging to ensure we reduce landfill and introduce recyclable alternatives, without compromising food quality and safety.

  • Studies have shown that meal kits are 33% more greenhouse gas efficient vs grocery shopping as a result of less food waste and lower last mile greenhouse emissions*.

  • We have made big changes to our boxes over the years! Today, our boxes are made from 54% recycled cardboard and fold flat to fit into your kerbside recycling bin. The wool liner (that keeps everything cold) degrades through composting, so you can simply pop it in the garden and use like you would a weed mat, or a local school might like to use it for their gardening projects. Just remember to remove the protective plastic outer, which can go in your soft-plastic recycling.

  • Our 100% water ice packs keep everything cold during delivery, then they can be pierced and drained into your sink. The outer wrapper can be recycled with your other soft plastics.

  • Ingredient packaging has also evolved. We have transitioned many plastics to biodegradable options, moved plastic packets to paper alternatives, and reduced overall recycling by swapping pottles for sachets.

  • MADE meals are all packaged in PET plastic trays, making them easy to heat directly in the microwave or oven, and after use be cleaned and able to be kerbside recycled.

Download Pack Tech New Zealand Regional Recycling Guide

Neat Meat Award for Environmental Packaging

* Source: Scientific Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling (USA, 2019)