Garden to Table Frequently Asked QuestionsGarden to Table Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

If you are an existing customer of My Food Bag (including MADE), Bargain Box or Fresh Start you can add a donation as an ‘extra’ in your account area. Just select the amount you would like to donate with each My Food Bag, Bargain Box or Fresh Start delivery – the options are $1, $2 or $4.

If you are a new customer, set up your account and after you have selected your meal kit you can add a Garden to Table donation ‘extra’. NOTE – unless you remove your Garden To Table donation as an ‘extra’, you will donate the selected amount each time you receive a delivery.

Is this a one-off donation?

It can be a one-off but ideally it’s a donation each time you get a delivery from My Food Bag which is why we have kept the donation amounts minimal. The donation will be made as long as you have it selected as an ‘extra’ on your account. If you add the extra once, then remove, it will be a one-off donation.

How do I stop donating?

It’s as simple as removing the Garden to Table donation in ‘extras’, in your account area. This opts you out of all future donations. This needs to be done by midnight on Sunday when orders lock.

When will I be charged the donation?

You will be charged the donation amount you have selected each time you receive a My Food Bag (including MADE), Bargain Box or Fresh Start meal kit subscription delivery. For example, if you are a fortnightly customer, you will only donate once every 2 weeks when you receive a delivery. If you regularly skip deliveries you can add donating to Garden to Table as an ‘extra’, and you will only make a donation on the weeks you choose to get a delivery.

The donation is processed when your meal kit payment is processed.

Does the donation apply to all deliveries?

No, it does not apply to one-off meal kit deliveries such as Valentine’s Day or Waitangi Day burger boxes. Only meal kit subscriptions for My Food Bag (including MADE), Bargain Box and Fresh Start are eligible.

I would like to do a one-off larger donation?

You can do this by going to the Give A Little page for Garden to Table. In the comments, please note you’re a My Food Bag foodie to help us track donations towards our mission!

I’ve changed my meal kit from My Food Bag to Bargain Box and I’ve been charged the donation amount?

Yes, the donation applies to any of the subscription products you may be purchasing from My Food Bag Limited. This includes the My Food Bag (including MADE), Bargain Box and Fresh Start brands. As you move between brands and products, the donation will move with your deliveries unless you remove it as an extra on your subscription.

If I change products eg. My Food Bag ‘Family’ to My Food Bag ‘Plant-Based’, do I need to opt into donating again?

No, it’s all in our account area so until you remove the donation as an ‘extra’ the donation will move with you as you change products and brands (between My Food Bag, MADE, Bargain Box and Fresh Start).

I would like to change the amount I donate?

Easy, go into your account area and where it shows your ‘extras’, remove your current extra and add another for the new amount you would like to donate.

If I cancel my bag, will I be charged the donation amount?

No, if you cancel your bag before Sunday midnight, you will not make a donation to Garden to Table.

If I get a full bag refund, will the donation be refunded also?


Does all the money I donate go to Garden to Table?

Yes, we pass 100% of the money we collect directly to Garden to Table.

Can I get a refund on my Garden to Table donation?

No, not if you have received My Food Bag Ltd qualifying deliveries. This a voluntary contribution but once it has been made, it is non-refundable.

What will my donation be used for?

For every $10 you donate, a kiwi kid will receive at least 30 hours of gardening and cooking skills based education per annum. We’re looking to get an additional 2000 kiwi kids onto the Garden to Table programme. Your donation will be used in the best way possible to enable these goals – providing seeds to the school, cooking or gardening equipment, curriculum resources etc.

How do I keep updated on how much has been raised and where it’s been used?

The My Food Bag website has a sustainability page dedicated to how we are progressing towards our goals and how the donations are being spent.

Can I claim GST on my donation?

Donations to Garden to Table are GST exempt.

Can my donation be used in the region where I live or for a particular school?

Initially the donations will be used nationally but as we get more foodies donating in various regions, we hope to be able to spend the money raised by that community, in that community.

Can I get a tax certificate, or receipt, for my donation?

Yes, these can be issued, on request, at the end of each tax year ie. after 31st March for the previous year. By requesting a tax certificate you agree to My Food Bag providing your relevant details to Garden to Table to issue the tax certificate.

Who do I contact if I want more information?

If you would like to know more about Garden to Table and how you can help visit If your query specifically relates to the My Food Bag/Garden to Table partnership, contact My Food Bag.