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Meet our local heroes

At My Food Bag, we love creating seasonally inspired recipes using locally sourced ingredients. And as foodies, we’re passionate about provenance and the incredible suppliers we work with across Aotearoa.

Royalburn Station

Leaders in regenerative, diverse and ethical farming in New Zealand

From a deep desire and sense of responsibility to grow and produce good food, the itch to return to the land became a reality in 2019 when co-founders of My Food Bag Nadia and Carlos took over the reins of one of New Zealand’s oldest farms.

With minimal use of fossil fuels and other synthetic inputs, they are experimenting with farming operations that significantly reduce or utilise any waste. Their focus remains on the soil where life begins, committed to leaving the land in a better condition than it was before.

"Growing and raising food to feed and nourish people, in a way that honours and respects animals and the environment, and ultimately connects people to the land, is farming beautifully."

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Clevedon Buffalo

From the family-owned farm on the shores of the Hauraki Gulf

True pioneers of the buffalo farming scene locally, Richard and Helen Dorresteyn own and operate 200 head of buffalo and were the first to farm buffalo in New Zealand in 2007.

A farm unlike any other in New Zealand, they collectively produce award-winning fresh buffalo mozzarella, bocconcini, ricotta, yoghurt and marinated buffalo cheese.

"We are proud to have won multiple awards and gold medals at New Zealand’s national cheese and artisan awards."

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Augustines of Central

Local and fresh fruit grown in the heart of Central Otago

Boutique fruit bottling company Augustines of Central are known for producing a range of unique and award-winning fruit preserves, jams and chutneys. Local food producer Gus (Augustine) Hayden is involved in every process from fruit picking to production of the preserves and jams, making sure you get the best quality product no matter your favourite.

"Created to showcase the beauty of our local fruit and produce while keeping traditional methods alive - giving every kiwi the chance to have a taste of Central Otago for themselves."

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Mother and Daughter

Locally foraged and produced in small batches in Wānaka

Using only the freshest ingredients for their elderflower cordials and syrups, Mother and Daughter forage locally for the fragrant flower heads and berries from the wonderful elder tree.

They are a part of every step of manufacturing, from the picking, the producing, to promoting at local markets. Each bottle of their refreshing cordial is bursting with the flavour of summer – talk about farm fresh!

"The flowering season is very short so we work flat out for 2 months to try and meet the demand for this unique product."

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Southern Fresh

Revolutionising the produce industry from the heart of Waikato

With over 30 years of growing experience, Southern Fresh was established in the fertile, lush growing area in the heart of Waikato. This family-owned and operated company has now progressed into one of New Zealand’s leading professional growers and processors of high quality baby vegetables, salads and herbs – both fresh and processed.

"For decades at Southern Fresh, we’ve innovated the way we do things – something we’ve become famous for. Our heritage of growing the finest produce combined with our mission to embrace modern technology has enabled us to revolutionise the New Zealand produce industry."

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Mount Cook Alpine Salmon

Coming from deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Raised in the swift, cold current flowing from the alpine ridges, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is natures finest tasting Salmon, rich in omega 3 with a subtle taste and delicate texture.

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are sustainably farmed and raised in a pure environment with space to grow and thrive. With low stocking densities and minimal human intervention, there is no need for pesticides or antibiotics.

"Fast flows, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch of the seasons; all key ingredients in creating Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon."

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Meadow Mushrooms

From the family-owned Canterbury farm, to your table

Proudly New Zealand family-owned and operated for more than 50 years, Meadow Mushrooms is New Zealand’s largest, and only fully integrated mushroom farm, and their mushrooms are handpicked and harvested 364 days a year!

They're committed to sustainability and how they can do more on their journey, from growing to packaging and everything in-between, and are producing some of the best mushrooms Aotearoa has to offer.

"Ours is New Zealand’s largest and only fully vertically integrated mushroom farm. That means we manage the growing process from start to finish, so we can make sure you get the best product at the very best value."

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Lumina Lamb

Ethically and sustainably raised in the alpine hillsides of the South Island

From paddock to plate, Lumina Lamb are free range, ethically raised and naturally healthy, they're grass-fed and finished on a specially cultivated chicory and clover forage.

With fine micro-marbling, Lumina Lamb has exceptional texture, tenderness and versatility, and a delicate, mild flavour, making it the perfect meat to feature in our special recipes!

"Lumina Lamb was born from one wildly ambitious goal— to breed the world’s most succulent lamb."

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