Our Operations

We work tirelessly to minimise waste throughout our supply chain, while our delivery partners reduce food miles by efficiently planning customer deliveries.

  • We all but eliminate the food waste normalised in conventional grocery retailing by only buying what we need to fulfil customers’ orders.

  • Small amounts of left-over food are donated to local charities.

  • We are committed to reducing landfill waste from operations and aspire to be zero-landfill by 2025.

  • By delivering >30 customer orders on a typical delivery round, we significantly reduce the distance covered and greenhouse gas emissions, when compared to each customer visiting their local supermarket*.

  • 80% of our ingredients are delivered in re-usable crates avoiding the use of board and other materials; comprising fresh produce, butchery, seafood and sauce suppliers.

* Source: Scientific Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling (USA, 2019)