Our Partners

We only work with producers who align with our ethical and environmental standards. This ensures our suppliers exceed the standards set out by industry regulations and applicable laws, and we deliver outstanding products without compromising animal or employee welfare.

  • We have implemented a comprehensive Approved Supplier Programme, and all of our suppliers run extensive Food Control Plans or National Programs aligned to the Food Regulations Act 2015.

  • Our Gluten Free suppliers follow strict gluten testing programs and are regularly audited.

  • We procure and source ingredients locally whenever possible – supporting local suppliers and reducing unnecessary food mileage. 97% of of the fresh meat and produce we buy is from New Zealand.

  • We exclusively purchase free-range and free-farmed meats, and our seafood is procured in line with NZ’s Quota Management System.

  • We will only buy from suppliers who observe fair worker remuneration and labour rights.

  • We strive to support small, high-quality, local food suppliers to encourage new business growth wherever we can.

Download our Approved Supplier Code of Conduct

Neat Meat Award for Environmental Packaging