My Global Kitchen: Q&A with Cotto’s Hayden Phiskie & John Pountney

The dynamic duo behind Italian restaurant Cotto shares what foodies can expect from their My Global Kitchen creation.

Chef Hayden Phiskie at work in the Cotto kitchen

What’s the story behind Cotto?
From day one we were all about making a restaurant that was inclusive of everyone, where everyone would feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they arrived. We loved the idea of noodle houses where you feel like you are home getting delicious food and thought we could do that with pasta! We also wanted to ensure that pasta was the hero instead of the afterthought or vegetarian dish at the bottom of the menu.

What are the key flavours of Italian cuisine?
Simple, classic and fresh flavours that speak for themselves.

MC Global Cottos Italian Lamb Ragu with Pappardelle 1559
Cotto’s Italian Lamb Ragù with Fresh Pappardelle

What was the inspiration behind your dish for My Global Kitchen?
In all seriousness it’s our winter dish that should fill you up and make you feel cosy!

What ingredients can foodies expect to experience?
Fresh rosemary – and lots of it! Rosemary and lamb are the perfect match.

What tips do you have for foodies when cooking the ragù?
If you add a splash of red wine to your ragù before adding the tomatoes and drink the rest with your dinner.

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