My Global Kitchen: Q&A with Tiger Burger Head Chef Brad Flower

From food stall to foodie favourite, Grey Lynn eatery Tiger Burger’s fried chicken burger is featured in My Global Kitchen. Head Chef Brad Flower tells us more about their creation.

Brad Flower
Tiger Burger’s Head Chef / Kitchen Manager Brad Flower

What’s the story behind Tiger Burger?
Tiger Burger started out as a food stall in 2014 to share the fun and delicious flavours of Asia. We made it our mission to not just serve great food but to do so conscientiously – using only high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging.

After an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, Tiger Burger opened its doors as a lively, no-fuss restaurant in the heart of Grey Lynn mid-June 2016. And that’s where we are today.

We’re not your typical burger joint. We are all about sharing the mouth-watering flavours of Asia, specialising in street food style eats.

What are the key flavours of Korean cuisine?
Korean cuisine is well balanced, many different flavours all working together to create something special. It is often used to bring people together, served as sharing plates of side dishes often consisting of meats, rice and pickled/fermented vegetables.

Global Korean Burger 4945
Tiger Burger’s Fried Chicken Burger with Korean Glaze & Pickled Cucumber

What was the inspiration behind your dish for My Global Kitchen?
Korean fried chicken is fried twice, giving it a crispy, crunchy coating. This allows it to be glazed while still maintaining the crispiness that makes it so special. The inspiration of this burger was to put this idea into practice and add an awesome glaze to the fried chicken that would help elevate the flavours in the burger.

What ingredients can foodies expect to experience?
You will experience a great combination of flavours – sweet from the Honey Garlic Mayo, tangy from the pickles, and a subtle spiciness and saltiness from the Soy Chicken Glaze.

What tips do you have for foodies when making the burgers?
One of the best tips is to make sure the chicken thigh comes down to room temperature between the two fries, as this will ensure it is not overcooked and will give it a beautiful crispy coating.

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