15 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Wool Pouches

My Food Bag’s Tom ‘Tiramisu’ unwraps your wool pouches and serves up some creative ways to re-use them!

wool insulation plastic
Our wool pouch insulation, seperated as wool and its plastic lining.

If you’re one of our amazing foodies then you’ll be super familiar with our Woolpouches. We love these innovative liners and how amazing they are at keeping your food cool. Did you know they’re made from New Zealand wool offcuts which would have otherwise gone to waste? Not only that but the wool is also compostable and biodegradable!

We often get asked what you can do with your collection of wool and wanted to share some awesome ways you can utilise these versatile pouches. We couldn’t stop coming up with ideas so we have 15 for you!

Let’s get wooly creative in the garden!

Use as a Weed Mat in Your Garden

As the wool is 100% compostable and biodegradable, they make fantastic weed mats in your garden. With their muted colours they will blend in perfectly with your garden too.

Use as a Layer in Your Compost Bin

The wool makes a great layer for compost bins, to keep everything tidy and composting healthily.

Add to a Worm Farm

Lots of our foodies add them to their worm farms. Get the kids involved to teach them more about composting.

Use it when Planting Trees

Not only good for keeping weeds out, but also good for keeping trees happy. Need to line a hole or to protect a tree? Why not use wool?

Wool linings used as a weed mat in a foodie’s glasshouse

Off to the Baaach?

Keep Your Picnic Basket Cool

The weather is getting warmer, guess what’s great at keeping your picnic basket cool? A woolpouch and ice pack! Also, why not check out some of our great snack ideas to really spice up that picnic?

Keep Your Bach Food Cool

Going away this summer? Can’t fit everything into a chilly bin? Store away a woolpouch or two and you’re covered.

Use Plastic Lining as a Rubbish Bag

Once removed from the wool, the plastic lining can be repurposed as a rubbish bag. How creative!

A little lamb keeping cozy and warm on some wool lining.

Projects of all Sheeps and Sizes!


Got a small project ongoing and need some light insulation? Wouldn’t ewe know it, wool is a fantastic insulator.

Create a Pet Bed

One of the great things about wool? It is oh so soft and your pet will love it. From stuffing a pillow through to lining the bottom of a box or pet bed frame, these liners could make a great bed.

Insulate a Pet House

It may be getting warmer now, but winter gets pretty chilly in beautiful Aotearoa. If you have a small house for your furry friend consider lining it with a bit of NZ wool insulation from your food bag.

Use for Moving House

You or someone you know moving house this summer? Kids finally moving out? Fill your boxes with some wool pouches to keep everything safe during the big move.

Use for Protecting Gifts

Getting creative and filling a jar for a gift? Did you buy something fragile which needs to be couriered? Why not package it with some wool cool to keep it extra cosy and safe.

Use it to Stabilise Your Christmas Tree

Don’t have a fancy new Christmas Tree holder? Still standing it up in an old fashioned bucket or make shift holder? Stuff that full of your woolpouches and keep your tree standing tall for the whole silly season.

Why not shear it?

Donate to your local SPCA

Your pets aren’t the only ones who will love your wool pouches! Some SPCAs’ animals love them too. Give your local SPCA a call to find out whether they can accept these, then gather a few up and pop down! (Check out where the closest SPCA is here: https://www.spca.nz/about)

Donate to Community Projects

There’s so many and they’d love your wool! Local foodbanks, school gardens, community gardens, tree planting and reforestation projects, the list goes on! Check out some local charities and pop in to donate.

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