Beef cuts and what makes them unique

Beef cuts are all unique in their own way. We take a look at some of our favourites and what makes them delicious.

Beef cuts

Choosing the right beef cut can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together this handy guide of the cuts we use most often in our recipes to help you decide.

Eye Fillet

Considered the tenderest steak on the block, eye fillet’s mild buttery flavour and fine-grained texture make it a steak lover’s dream cut. The steaks come from a whole eye fillet, an oblong-shaped cut that spans between the short loin and sirloin located beneath the ribs next to the back bone. This muscle does very little work, which is why this cut is so tender. Eye fillet is thicker than most steaks due to its smaller cut. My Food Bag’s Gourmet chef Amber ‘Agria’ says: “Here at My Food Bag we LOVE eye fillet as it’s the most tender cut of beef with lush, rich flavours making it super easy to pair with any style of cooking.”

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Also known as ribeye, this cut comes from the centre of the rib section. Scotch steak is unique because it’s one of the most marbled steaks, making it nice and juicy. An abundance of fat, both marbled within the meat and surrounding the edges, gives scotch steak an intense beefy flavour.


This cut comes from (you guessed it!) the rear of the cow. These muscles work more, so rump steak is less tender than some of the other cuts around. However, this cut is great when cooked correctly. It’s super lean with little fat, making it one of the healthier steak options.  


An inexpensive price tag makes sirloin steak a favourite among foodies. It’s cut from the sirloin section near the rear of the cow and is boneless. Don’t let the lower price deter you if you’re looking for a good steak, especially if you’re planning to grill the meat. Sirloin may have a more subtle taste than other steaks but it still has a beef-forward flavour and a nice fine grain.


One of the most versatile cuts around, schnitzel is a thin slice of meat achieved by pounding it with a meat tenderiser. This boneless cut is sliced thinly and typically comes from the thick flank. Its versatility makes schnitzel a great for cooking quickly as a stir-fry or crumbed and pan-fried.

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