5 Essential Tools for a Vegan Kitchen

Having the right kitchen tools helps make cooking and preparing food a whole lot easier! We have compiled our favourite five tools to have close by when cooking plant-based meals.

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Having the right kitchen tools makes a huge difference to the success or failures of your meals. We’ve got a breakdown of five essential kitchen tools to have close by when cooking. While these aren’t tools specific for plant-based cooking, they sure will help make delicious, vegan food a whole lot easier to prepare!

Food Processor

One of the most versatile tools you can own! From chopping and slicing to grating and blending, a food processor has so many uses. With all of the attachments and setting options, you can whip up sauces and dressing, raw desserts, veggie patties and so much more in no time at all. 

Salad Spinner

If you eat plenty of leafy greens, a salad spinner is a super handy tool to have close by! For quick and easy rinsing of spinach, kale, silver beet or any other greens. It is also great for getting any excess water out of veggies too! 

Kitchen Scales

An easy one to overlook, but kitchen scales can make cooking and baking a whole lot easier! Especially in recipes where precision is required, being able to weigh ingredients will make the room for error a lot smaller. For baking or bread making these will come in particularly handy! 


Not only useful for pasta and rice, but having a strainer is great for rinsing off the brine from beans, chickpeas and other canned legumes. You can also use them to sift ingredients in baking!

Kitchen Scissors

Perfect for trimming herbs, slicing through dough or cutting baking paper, kitchen scissors are a simple tool to have in the draw to make things that little bit easier. They also often come with indents on the side for opening bottles, or ridges on the inside for cracking nuts. 

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