Coastal Lamb seasoned by the sea

coastal lamb

Rich and Suze Redmayne are passionate farmers from a farm called ‘Tunnel Hill’, which is in Turakina, on the west coast of the lower North Island. Guided by a passion for food and a vision to produce the highest quality lamb in the world, they launched their own brand Coastal Lamb© in 2010. Their aim was to offer customers a real connection to the lamb. It’s paddock to plate – from their family to yours.

Rich and Suze are proud to be fourth generation farmers, their children Sam, Ruby and Sophie are the fifth generation to farm at Tunnel Hill. Wilfrid Perry, Richard’s Great Grandfather purchased the 1000 ha “Tunnel Hill” in 1930 and the family have been developing a sustainable farming enterprise ever since, which includes 220 ha of forestry that has been planted on the sand dunes to protect them as well as provide shade and shelter for the livestock. Tunnel Hill also has a number of stunning wetlands that attract native birds and wildlife.

Rich Suze on farm edit
Rich and Suze Redmayne

The provenance of food is becoming more and more important to discerning consumers and the Redmaynes feel it is critical diners know the true origin of their food – and that they trust it has been farmed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.  Coastal Lambs are 100% grass fed and free range. They are also GMO and antibiotic free. Coastal Lamb© was the Supreme Winner of the 2016 New Zealand Food Awards.

What makes Coastal Lamb© so special is the fact that the pastures the lambs graze are continually dusted with salt from the ocean. This gives Coastal Lamb a unique mild, clean taste and a delicate, succulent texture. The lambs are naturally seasoned by the sea.

Since launching Coastal Lamb© over 10 years ago, demand for their succulent and tender Coastal Lamb© has grown and they have now partnered with a few other like-minded inter-generational coastal farming families. This has allowed their business to grow both in New Zealand and overseas where Coastal Lamb features on the menus of some of New Zealand’s and the World’s best known restaurants. 

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Salt kissed Coastal Lambs are exported to Europe, America and countries throughout Asia. Rich and Suze pride themselves on the relationships they have developed with their consumers, and with chefs in New Zealand and around the world. They always encourage feedback or questions and are happy to take a phone call from anyone – whether it’s an international chef inquiring about a new cut for their menu or a Kiwi home chef seeking advice on cooking technique!

The Redmayne’s favourite way to enjoy Coastal Lamb© is a couple of butterflied legs cooked on the barbecue, rested for 15 minutes and enjoyed with family and friends.

With Coastal Lamb© you truly can connect with the farmers that grow the lambs.

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