Creating a Festive Table with A&C Homestore

MFB Christmas 2023 26257 large Ham Lamb
My Classic Christmas, Ham & Lamb, Styled by A&C Homestore

Any celebratory get together, especially Christmas, is the perfect excuse to get creative with your table. This is where you set the scene; create the mood for your evening ahead with friends and family, shine up your fancy glasses and light the candles.

A beautiful table is a combination of layered colour, texture, and pattern. This year we’ve chosen to stick with warm natural tones and greenery and a nod to a Kiwi Christmas, with the addition of some soft blues. 

This year we partnered with A&C Homestore on the styling of our My Classic Christmas Bags, featuring some of their gorgeous Christmas decorations, serveware and ornaments. Here they share the step’s on how to achieve the perfect festive table.

A&C Homestore’s Festive Table Tips

1. Lay your foundation with some soft linen

The beautiful texture of a tablecloth, like the Oatmeal Stripe tablecloth, is the perfect base layer – either laid flat or scrunched down the middle of the table as a casual runner. Weave some greenery, like an olive garland, through the centre of the table and you have your backdrop complete. 

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2. Add a variety of heights for vertical interest

A candelabra centrepiece such as the Farri Candlestick adds height without being a solid visual block. Now pop in glassware, more candles a Standing paper Christmas Tree or two and your Audo Salt and Pepper Grinders.

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3. Create a bit of formality

With place name cards using our Brushed Brass Card Holders and your best hand writing.

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4. Remember, decorations are not just for the tree

The odd decoration dotted down the table or in small clusters adds to that visual interest and brings pops of colour. This also ties the table into other decorative elements you might have in the room. Our Hanging Paper Christmas Decorations are perfect for this.

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5. Most important is the twinkle factor

Thread seed lights into your garland and in between your serving dishes. Use a rechargeable or battery powered set like the Charge and Go Seed Lights or the fun Pohutukawa Starburst Garland.


6. Save space for your showstopper culinary creations

Serve your pav on a gorgeous cakestand like the Poets Dream so that it stands proud on the table. Use a variety of platters and bowls that can be passed around the table for sharing. Stick with your warm natural tones using the Haan serveware range and allow the vibrant colours of your festive food to shine.


7. Get creative with decorations

We are obsessed with the decorative possibilities of the Drying Room dried orange slices. Thread them into your garland, use as napkin decorations at each place setting and of course use them to garnish your cocktails.


8. Finally, enjoy the festivities!

Light the candles, pour the wine, nestle those platters of gorgeous food into your tablescape and let the conversation flow.

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Explore many of these gorgeous festive dining products on the A&C Homestore website here! And explore our full range of Christmas menus here.


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