3 Tips to Hack the Week with My Food Bag!

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Life is back in full swing, and that can bring a little bit (or a lot!) of chaos. To help you hack the week and set yourself up for success, here are our 3 top tips to making My Food Bag your dinner time ally – so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Tip 1: Map out the week

Use a weekly calendar or planner – like this simple fridge magnet – to plan out your meals around your activities and commitments. Keeping your weeknight meals planned to suit your schedule will help you and your family stay in routine.

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Tip 2: Organise your fridge

Keep recipe ingredients in designated containers for easy access throughout the week. Having ingredients pre-sorted saves time and effort during meal prep – a must for busy weeknights and when other family members are in charge of the cooking. Like these handy custom ones from Simplify My Home!

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Tip 3: Lock in your next menu

Select recipes in advance for the next week in less than 5 minutes with our easy-to-use app. Planning ahead will eliminate the ongoing stress of deciding what to cook each night and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Remember you now have until Monday midnight to choose your recipes for the coming weekend!

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Head to your account here to plan your next week’s menu!

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