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Proudly Freedom Farmed pork and small goods sourced from the foot of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Since 2007, Freedom Farms has teamed up with a wonderful bunch of NewZealand farmers who raise their pigs in a way that’s kinder to the animals and the environment around them. No crates, no cages, no exceptions.

The resulting pork, bacon, ham, and small goods are found in the kitchens of discerning eaters and chefs right across New Zealand.

“We’re proud supporters of farming that reflects New Zealanders’ love of good kai, while allowing the farm animals to express their natural behaviours and protecting the soil and waterways.”

Learn more about Freedom Farms here.

As proud sponsors of ThreeNow’s Nadia’s Farm Season 2, we’ve created an Inspired by Nadia’s Farm menu that highlights some of our favourite local suppliers. Find our scrumptious Chipotle Bacon & Corn Chowder featuring streaky bacon from Freedom Farms – on the menu 21 April – order by Monday 15 April so you don’t miss out! 

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