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Celebrating local produce and the flavours of Aotearoa with our curated Matariki menu

In celebration of Matariki and marking the start of the Māori New Year, our chefs have developed a collection of special Matariki recipes to help Kiwis throughout Aotearoa cook and come together.

We recently caught up with Stacey Morrison, TV/radio host and Kiwi personality, who says Matariki is a time for celebration and rejuvenation of our practices, including things that we lost, or nearly lost, as well as providing the chance for us to really celebrate and embrace our seasons and enjoy seasonal kai. (link to Stacey blog). 

Our curated Matariki menu is uniquely ‘kiwi’ and celebrates local, seasonal produce and heroes some of the flavours of Aotearoa. 

Our Matariki Menu

Gourmet Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Watercress Béarnaise & Chocolate Pastry Wreath, My Choice
Crispy Chicken Strips with Horopito Tartare & Moemoe Potatoes, My Choice
Gourmet Kiwi Lemon & Fennel Roasted Porchetta with Kūmara & Jus, My Choice
Stacey Morrison’s Chicken Hāngī Parcels with Broccoli & Watercress Béarnaise, My Choice
Ultimate Kiwi Lamb Pizzas with Kūmara & Mint Pesto Yoghurt, My Choice
Gourmet Kiwi Beef Sirloin Steak & Chips with Horopito Aioli & Kūmara Doughnuts, Bargain Box
Gourmet Premium Kiwi Lamb Roast with Buttered Greens & Gravy, Bargain Box

Behind The Menu: Highlights & Ingredients

Horopito Tartare

This delicious sauce is specially made for us by TopShelf to celebrate Matariki and the flavours of Aotearoa. Horopito is a type of leaf that was traditionally used for its abundance of oils and is also known to aid digestion. It adds a special peppery taste to this tartare that is perfect for dunking your moemoe potatoes and kūmara in!

Moemoe Potatoes 

Known for their dark skin and unique purple pattern on the inside, moemoe potatoes are a traditional Māori potato and staple crop. These potatoes are coming from the only grower in Palmerston North, they’ll add an extra Kiwi touch, and are delicious to bake, boil or chip! 

Stacey Morrison’s Chicken Hāngī Parcels with Broccoli & Watercress Béarnaise.

Stacey’s Hāngī Parcels are such a treat and are achievable for everyone to create. They include Stacey’s secret hāngī spices for the extra earthy flavour kick, and being wrapped in cabbage guarantees the outcome is juicy and delicious! 

Gourmet Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Watercress Béarnaise & Chocolate Pastry Wreath

With a large portion of lamb and a delicious Chocolate Pastry Wreath for dessert, this one is great for sharing with the whānau! We’ve added Culley’s mānuaka smoked salt for an earthy, smokey taste, and served it with a whole lot of classic Kiwi roast veg, and a rich, buttery watercress béarnaise that has a slight peppery taste to offset the richness! This dessert is a fun one to get the kids helping with, too!

Bargain Box: Gourmet Kiwi Beef Sirloin Steak & Chips with Horopito Aioli & Kūmara Doughnuts

The perfect dish to bring the fam together! We’ve given the classic steak & chips an exciting Matariki twist, using our Kiwi spice blend, and served with a mint and horopito aioli for a tasty zing! Arguably the best part of the meal will be the Kūmara Doughnuts! This is cool way to use traditional produce, and sneaking some hidden veg into a doughnut? Clever! These have a gorgeous natural orange colour to them and are SO delicious you’ll be fighting over them!

Whatever you’re doing this Matariki, we hope it’s spent enjoying seasonal kai, with special friends and whānau.

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