How to cook BBQ ribs in 5 easy steps

There’s no doubt that pork ribs are a frontrunner when it comes to foodies’ favourite cut of meat. But, as with most other cuts, the way it’s cooked can make all the difference in bringing out the best of the meat and avoid disappointment with the end result.

Before we get to our how-to, let’s take a quick look at the different types that you’ll come across at the supermarket / butchery.

  • Back ribs: These come from the loin area, the muscle that runs along the pig’s back on either side of the spine. They’re found in bone-in pork rib loin chops, but the loin has been removed to make a boneless pork loin, leaving just the rack of ribs. One of the features of this cut is its curved shape due to being wrapped around the loin.
  • Spare ribs: These come from the lower section of ribs, extending around the belly to where they join the sternum. Since they come from the belly region, they’re slightly fattier than the back variety and they are also flatter.
  • Country-style ribs: Country-style pork ribs or loin ribs are the meatiest and fattiest variety but aren’t as easy to pick up and eat with your fingers as the others. They’re usually taken from the front end of the loin near the shoulder and come bone-in or, more commonly, boneless.

If you get ribs in your My Food Bag delivery, they’re cooked sous vide style so most of the hard work has already been done for you – great! But what about those in between times when you’re craving some and they aren’t coming up in My Food Bag? Well, we’re here to help! Here are our steps for cooking your rack of pork ribs to perfection.

Step 1: Remove the silver skin

ribs step 1

Located on the bone side of the meat, the silver skin prevents a rub / spices from soaking into the meat. Luckily, it’s easy to fix! Gently and slowly peel the thin, papery membrane off and you’re all set. If it’s a bit slippery, simply use a paper towel for better grip.

Step 2: Season the meat

ribs step 2

A dry rub – a combination of spices, herbs and sugar – is a great way to infuse a lot of flavour into meat. You can find these at the supermarket or, better yet, make your own at home; there are heaps of recipes online that are sure to inspire. A simple spice mix will also work well – it’s all about the seasoning with this step! Simply sprinkle it on and work it into the meat using your hands.

Step 3: Wrap pan with foil

ribs step 3

Before roasting, make sure to tightly wrap the pan with foil. This will ensure that moisture doesn’t escape during the cooking process and the meat doesn’t dry out. Juicy, tender ribs are the most delicious! Remember, low and slow is key when it comes to cooking ribs as this method will make the meat nice and tender.

Step 4: Cover in sauce

ribs step 4

Once cooked, brush the ribs with your favourite sauce. If using a glaze, pop it back into the oven, uncovered, for a few minutes (not too long, otherwise the ribs will dry out!) or onto the BBQ for that smoky, chargrilled flavour. If using a sauce, no further cooking is needed. We recommend a BBQ sauce / glaze, yum!

Step 5: Cut to serve

ribs step 5

You’ve cooked your ribs to perfection, so now it’s time to tuck in! But first they need to be cut up to be enjoyed. Start at the widest part of the ribs and, using a sharp knife, cut as close to the bone as you can. This ensures that each piece of rib is guaranteed to be meaty. If you cut down the middle, the meat on each bone will be too little and not enough to really sink your teeth into.

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