6 Ways You Can Reuse Your Sauce Pottles

Loving your sauces but not sure what to do with the pottles? Tom ‘Tiramisu’ has six ways you can get creative with your pottles this summer.

My Food Bag sauce pottles laid out on a white background.

What to do with my pottles?

We love being able to make fresh, healthy and delicious sauces to keep your meals full of pizazz all year round. As we head into the summer we thought we’d give you some fun ways to get even more out of your pottles once you’ve devoured the yummy sauces!

If you’re curious how to recycle your pottles too, check out our packaging page.

Use them to Foster Seedlings 🌱

Want to grow some veggies or plants this summer? Maybe you want to teach your kids about planting seeds? Our pottles make the perfect little crib for your baby seeds. Even better, you can slowly increase the size of the pottle as it begins to grow. This means you can care for the seeds perfectly right up until they’re ready to graduate into the ground

Use them as Measuring Cups 🥛

Want to get out of the baking sun and bake some sweet treats instead? Want to get the kids into the kitchen but don’t want them using your nice utensils? We’ve added small measuring marks to the sides of our pottles. This means they’re great for measuring ingredients of all weights and sizes to help you make some sweet or savoury delights. Check out some of our snack recipes for some delicious inspiration too!

Make & Store your own Sauces 🍯

Have you been inspired by a sauce you had? Well, why not learn to make it yourself! Making your own sauces is a heap of fun, often healthier than buying them from the supermarket and a great way to show off to friends and family. We’ve got so many yummy sauces you can try right here too!

Use them at a Refillery 🍚

Refilleries or refill stations at markets are popping up everywhere across the country. The varying sizes of our pottles make them perfect for taking to fill with the little things you only need a small amount of. Goji berries? Macadamias? Spices? All fit perfectly in our pottles. Even better is that our markings allow you to monitor exactly how much you need. Avoid buying more than you need at the supermarket, reuse and cut-down waste. Win, win, win!

Make Creative Sandcastles ⛱️

Who doesn’t love building sandcastles? Well, you can get extra detailed if you pair our pottles up with some buckets. Whether you’re building a castle, a town or a top-secret alien base, your sand creation will be the hottest on the beach. Just make sure you collect them all up when its time for home!

Add them to Your Picnic Basket 🌳

Heading out to enjoy the summer sun? Want to bring along some extra special treats? Pack just the right amount you need in your pottles and enjoy that delicious food in the sun.

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