Our New Boxes & Why We Love Them

This year we rolled out some brand new boxes across our entire range. Tom ‘Tiramisu’ has some awesome facts to share about why we’re so excited about them!

A My Food Bag box on a white background.
A My Food Bag box.

A Brand New Box 📦

Christmas is right around the corner but one of our presents came early this year. We have rolled out our brand-new boxes and are super excited about them. Not only are we in love with the way they look but there are some extra neat sustainability details about them too. Check out why we’re so excited about these boxes:

47% Recycled Cardboard ♻

Our boxes are made from 47% recycled paper and cardboard. The recycled card is drawn from the national recycling system and then converted back into a reusable pulp. This pulp is re-used alongside virgin cardboard to make our boxes.

Why only 47% and not 100%? Our boxes need to be strong to keep all of the deliciousness safe and in good condition while travelling from us to you. The recycling process reduces the strength of the paper and cardboard. As a result we need to add some additional support from virgin cardboard to strengthen the box. If you’re curious about recycling your box you can checkout our recycling guide for help!

FSC Certified 🌲

It gets better though, our virgin cardboard is made from FSC certified pulp. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit which promotes responsible, sustainable and ethical management of forestry operations. The virgin pulp we use in our boxes is made predominantly from forestry wood offcuts. These offcuts would have otherwise gone to waste!

100% Kerbside Recyclable ✅

Our boxes are 100% kerbside recyclable. All you need to do is leave it out for collection alongside your regular kerbside recycling and the boxes will go through the entire process again!

Recycling vs Re-Using 🔄

We often get asked why we favour the recycling of our boxes over re-using them. Re-use is one of the core pillars of sustainability and an important focus for any sustainability planning. Having said that, food safety is and always will be our top priority.

Our boxes do not have plastic liners, so when they come into contact with any sterilisation product, they absorb the moisture which unfortunately compromises the overall strength of the box. As we are unable to sterilise a reused box, we are not able to have them meet our incredibly high food safety standards. Thankfully, cardboard and paper are some of the few products New Zealand has comprehensive recycling infrastructure for. Thanks to this, our suppliers are able to utilise recycled materials during manufacturing to keep the cycle going.

Curious about recycling the rest of the packaging in your box? We have some handy guides to help you out!

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