Happy Campers: 5 Ways To Eat Sustainably While Camping

sustainable camping

With a few long weekends on the horizon, you might have planned a camping trip or two. Just because you’re away from home for a few days, doesn’t mean you have to ditch those sustainability habits you’ve been working on. Here are a few ideas of how to make your camping trip a more sustainable one.

Planning is key

Before you embark on your camping adventure, plan your meals so that you only buy and take what you need. You’ll reduce the amount of food waste you produce and you might also be able to cut back on packaging too, if you’re able to buy bigger pack sizes. Even if you find yourself within reasonable distance of a supermarket, it’s a good idea to do a little meal prep anyway. Less time in the supermarket means more time in the great outdoors and that can only be a good thing.

Ditch the disposables

If you’re a regular camper, it might not be a bad idea to invest in reusable serveware. Opt for reusable plates, cutlery and cups instead of relying on the disposable, often plastic kind. You’ll prevent extra waste from ending up in landfill and your reusable plates will come in handy during your next picnic or party. Even better, bring your own plates and cutlery from home. They’ll be heavier to carry than disposable, plastic plates but are a much more sustainable option. Don’t forget your reusable water bottle too.

Sensible storage

If you don’t already own reusable ice packs and want to avoid buying plastic-wrapped bags of ice, pop a couple of ice packs from your My Food Bag delivery in your chilly bin instead. They’ll keep your food and drinks nice and cool, at no extra cost to you. If you don’t want to take them home afterwards, be sure to drain the water and dispose of the plastic responsibly. Once your perfectly cooled food has been cooked, use Tupperware to store leftovers instead of plastic wrap. Take a couple of containers (or even sauce pottles) with you; they’re bound to come in handy, whether they are used for last night’s leftovers or today’s snacks.

Shop locally

Explore your temporary home and hit up weekend farmers markets, local farm shops and food trucks. You’ll be able to find fresh, seasonal produce that is good for you and helps support the local economy. Remember to take your reusable shopping bags with you. You never know what you might find! We think there’s nothing better than exploring somewhere new through food.

Be a tidy Kiwi

This one goes without saying, but it’s just as important to be a tidy Kiwi when you’re away camping as it is when you’re at home. Wherever you go, it’s likely to be a varied and rich ecosystem, so dispose of your waste responsibly, no matter what. This might look like taking all of your rubbish home with you (if you’re way out in the sticks), or sorting your waste into local recycling bins. Either way, be sure to clean up after yourself and your family. This way, we can ensure that our beaches, parks, farms and everywhere in between remain as beautiful as ever.

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