Summer Made Easy with My Choice

Enjoy the fresh taste of summer with our seasonally inspired Summer Range including BBQ faves, vegetarian options and more! Take a peek at some of the summery recipes in our My Choice bag this season.

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This season you’ll find the freshest, most delicious summer recipes in our My Choice bag. Choose from a new selection of mouth-watering options each week: Recipes for the barbie, summery salads, vegetarian options, 15-minute meals and more. All are bursting with flavour and designed to complement the perfect Kiwi summer.

Recipes for BBQ

What to expect: Fast and premium meals that take your BBQ to the next level.
Recipe type: These are some of our highest-rated BBQ recipes as voted for by our foodies and feature your favourite meats including prawns, chicken, pork and beef steaks. All perfect for making on the barbie!
Perfect for: Foodies who love to cook on the BBQ.

Fresh Summer Salads

What to expect: Nutritious and satisfying salads filled with fresh seasonal produce.
Recipe type: Hearty salads with a delicious combo of ingredients.
Perfect for: Foodies who love tasty salads paired with a hero protein served alongside it.

Taco Takedown

What to expect: A brand new, oh-so-delicious taco recipe from one of our chefs each week.
Recipe type: Innovative flavour and ingredients combos all wrapped up in the humble tortilla.
Perfect for: Foodies who love trying new flavours and who love tacos.

15-Minute Marvels

What to expect: Quick, easy and tasty recipes that are ready in just 15 minutes.
Recipe type: We’ve created some quick ‘n’ easy recipes especially for summer. They take a mere 15 minutes to whip up without compromising on taste. You get all the deliciousness without the time!
Perfect for: Foodies who want mouth-watering, summer-inspired dinners without spending ages in the kitchen.

Vegetarian Wonders

What to expect: Deliciously summery, meat-free recipes for both vegetarians and flexitarians alike.
Recipe type: Fresh, NZ produce-packed recipes inspired by flavours from around the globe that are so delicious, even hardcore carnivores won’t miss the meat.
Perfect for: Vegetarian foodies who also want to cook on the barbie, or foodies who are looking for tasty, filling meat-free meals.

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